Friday, 2 May 2014

Spring/summer scarves

I wrap around a lightweight scarf around my neck. Despite it's thin and transparent material, it does offer some comfort, but whether it actually does any physical good during sunny days, is debatable.
When people talk about love, it's mostly about the one she shares with lovers, friends, and family. But the most practical and simple love for me, is my love of fashion and accessories. Now, that may be rather quite obvious, seeing as I do write for a fashion blog, after all. But I do feel the need to put that out in the open- I do what I do because love it. Not because someone tells me to. 
A recently new movie came out; rebel without a cause. Though I have not seen it, the plot is somewhat about a young person who grew up in an ordinary, calm and stable family, and finds himself acting in what most certainly would not be described as his best behavior.
Now, in my school, scarves are sadly (and not understandably) banned for pupils. Though this senseless rule has put a weight onto my peers reluctance to wear fashion scarves for the sake of an accessory, it has not hindered my love for the simple accessory that has almost become a necessity in order for me to complete an outfit. Almost; I'm not completely hooked... yet. So, while I get a stern telling off, I do think that my minor act of rebellion against a rule which has no backbone, completely and utterly worth it.
In Britain in paticular, cold weather is not a strange thing. And while the month of April showers is coming to a close, there is a slight chill that is adamant of returning. So therefore, for me, the scarves stay. Fair enough, if it's over 25*C then I may consider leaving the scarf in the drawers; but that is not going to happen any time soon where I live. Thank goodness that there is such a variety in different patterns, styles, shapes, and colours- and lets not forget turquoise!

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