Saturday, 10 May 2014

Skinny jeans, pretty scarves, and a brand new plait!

When you jump up and down trying to fit into your jeans. When you have to hold your breath momentarily to get the button closed. When it's a struggle to get out of them. That is how yoy know you've found your perfect skinny jeans. And unlike many bottom pieces, skinny jeans have been around for eons, and are not likely to be kicked out anytime soon. The jeans I'm wearing are from New Look, a piece which I have had for two years- and probably the oldest piece of clothing that I own
As for the scarf I'm wearing, it's a black and white beauty with a bit of a floral/aztec collaboration going on. It's much thicker material than most scarves that actually look half decent these days, so it was definitely a good buy, as it works well in both adding a fashionable accent to my indie outfits, and also looks great with bit of a punk rock leather jacket look. That, and since it's made of thicker quality it does me great for typical cold/flu inducing British weather!
Now, as for my plait, if you notice these things,  you'll notice that it is not quite the original plait... and if I were able to prove to you I would, but you'll have to take my word for it that it's 3D! And not only, but it's just as easy as the original plait. All that you have to do is seperate your hair into three sections,  and then swap the two outer sections, so that the previously left is now at the right, and the previously right is now at the left, leaving the middle where it was. If you keep repeating this for the legnth of your hair, then you will be able to build up a very pretty and simplistic plait!


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    1. Thankyou so much, this comment has really made my day! All I did with the theme is use the *Etheral* template and played around with it until it suited what I wanted, I'm glad to hear you like it.