Sunday, 18 May 2014

Jeans… finding the right pair?

Hey everyone J Josephine here from today will be talking about jeans and finding the right inexpensive pair. Doing the jean dance to put on your jeans? Maybe you do have the right pair? Jeans today are very expensive, an average pair of jeans in general pants is around $100, but is it worth it? Today I’m talking about jeans, and ways to rock your curves in an amazingly cheap pairs.

$10 jeans from target
Inline image 3
These jeans suit any figure, I recently bought them and have not stopped wearing them since, $10 goes a long way. After purchasing a size 12, I went back and bought a size 10 as they and stretched after a few wears. Quick Tip: don’t be scared to buy jeans smaller, all jeans stretch and smaller jeans pull you in and make your figure look more defining.
Inline image 2
Style adds
-          Necklace
-          Boots
-          Scarf

No goes
-          Crop tops
-          Flare out jeans
-          Un-tucked jeans with boots
Inline image 1

So hope this helps out J and you guys get some inspiration to wear and style jeans.
Xx Weekly Fashion Blogger

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