Friday, 16 May 2014

Gosh I'm gushing

Thursday the 15th of May. Doesn't sound very interesting, or special does it? But now to me, this date will bear a treasure chest of memories that I wish could repeat in real life over, and over, again.

Me myself, I have always aspired to have some sort of carreer in media. In primary school, I wanted to sing (and of course I would still love that, but I don't think I'm good enough ahah) and ever since I started high school I've wanted to be a fashion journalist, hence my dabbling in my fashion blog. So it has only been recently that I have actually even concidered radio presenting as a future carrer... and let me tell you, it is an exciting prospect.  
So, Thursday 15th of May, my friend Katie and I after her getting tickets, went into Glasgow, to participate in two activities for the radio 1 academy. In the morning, was a live Q&A session with Greg James, his producer Pipa. For those of you who don't know, Greg James is a presenter for radio 1. Of course, I didn't take the opportunity for granted and shakily asked "how do you deal with nerves on radio". Of course. 
After this we had 4 hours to wander around, and spend money on the pointless things of life, and thank goodness we had the sun on our sides. This is when we went to a radio workshop, with Vic Galloway, his producer and assistant. For those of you who don't know, he has a radio show on radio Scotland. It was absolutely brilliant, and we had a lot of fun as well as learning so much about the kind of environment and lifestyle radio presenters have, and what kind of things producers have behind the scenes. Of course, meeting Biffy Clyro was a highlight. And yes, I say that as if meeting Biffy Clyro isn't a big thing; but trust me, after all the screaming and not breathing Katie and I did... its probably one of the biggest things that has ever happened to us. 
That, and getting a picture with Greg James and Pipa... I mean, this guy is my inspiration. Of course it helps that he is very, very hot... especially in real life. His arm around my back, his hand on my arm; gosh I'm gushing again. Suppose it's time for me to wrap up!  

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