Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Flower crowns and festival preperations

I'm going to start this post by being blatantly honest; I never liked flower crowns. I used to think that they would be a shortlived, unpopular statement accessory.
However, I have come to find that they are an acquired taste- much like salad is for children.

Having girly time has always been important to me- it's just part of being a girl, really. Going into shops, trying on things you like but won't buy, and buying heaps of things you don't need. Just having the chance to wind down and laugh away your stresses and worries. For me, when you're with your friends having a good time, nothing can ruin that.What does that have to do with flower crowns? Nothing in the slightest- I was just talking about the photo used. Anyway, enough of that digression. 
As festival season rolls in, making it's mark in Scotland with the radio 1 Big weekend (which is this weekend.. woop woop!), it's back to the shorts and band tops. It's all about being wild, so you let your hair down. That's how summer is every year, and not much has changed in that regard. However, headwear is changing ever so slightly- as we saw in the last post, fedoras are back. But now, another trend has washed ashore, although not quite literally. 
Of course, that is the flower crown. They aren't really new- flower crowns have always been lurking in the shallow water, popping up every so often on the occasional hipster. But this year is different. This year, the flower crown is making its big hit; emerging onto highstreet shops, this trend is one for the summer. The best thing about it is that it completes an outfit so well, and accents your facial features too- that is, if you get the right one. As with everything, you have to find originality in the mainstream trends. Not everyone will suit a pink flower crown, and not everyone will want a white one.. the ball is in your court now; how will you put your stamp on this seasons headwear?

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