Friday, 11 April 2014

Starbucks fashion

Starbucks: the coffee chain that is taking over the world.Well, I would be a huge fibber if I claimed not to have been swallowed whole by starbucks. I just love the whole layout of their shops; every single one is similarly set out, so you know exactly what you're going in for. It's the sense of familiarity that I feel comfortable with. So I would therefore also be a terrible fibber if I told you that I wasn't happy about starbucks becoming a statement. Good on them! It seems that in todays life, holding a paper cup of starbucks is becoming as much as a fashion statement as a bag is. All it means for me is that I get to drink my daily coffee on my way to school or work and at the same time be recognised as part of a mainstream trend. Who'd have known that a drink, a drink would become an accessory? And one that goes with any outfit as well!  

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