Saturday, 26 April 2014

Saturday Guest Post By Brenda!

         Hey guys!

My name is Brenda, and I'm the owner of Inside Her Unique Closet.  Today, I'm going to blog about  Fashion Trends from the 1980's that are still trending today.

1.)  Slouchy Sweaters

Slouchy Sweaters were one of the most recognizable trends from the 80's and are still in style.  Slouchy sweaters are great for going out and the best part is if your lazy, you could just put one on!

2.) Shiny Leggings

Shiny Leggings really took off in the 80's but there have been a huge resurgence in  recent years.  I have to admit, I'm kind of in love with these type of leggings.

3.)  Neon

Neon is easily known as trend from the 1980's and has made a comeback for the runaways of London and New-York, also in retailers too.

4.) Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts have been in style since the 80's and never left.  The secret to rocking a mini skirt the right way is to keep it from being revealing.  Try wearing boots and a top that doesn't reveal to much cleavage.

5.)  Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers are another thing that is known from the 1980's.  They are fun, appropriate, and keep your legs warm when winter comes around.  I actually do own two pairs and even though I love leg warmers, for some reason I don't use them.

Photo Credits: 10 awesome.comDi Candia FashionJulepStyle Caster

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