Monday, 21 April 2014


With the newest 'periodic' drama, Reign making it big in the television industry, I have noticed quite a few magazine articles, and blog posts on how to copy the look, or convert it into something that would be suitable in contemporary fashion. Well, I didn't want to add myself to the large pile of what is now becoming almost cliché; and there is no way that I am going to get away without writing a post concerning what is becoming my latest obsession. So, I have decided to take this chance to write about something I personally completely adore; the crown ring.Jewellery comes in all forms and colours, and it is the one thing that usually stays constant though the changes of society and fashion trends. That's why finding out about the crown rings in my preparation for summer really excited me- it's rare that a new jewellery trend comes up like this. Even rarer, is it that I actually like the jewellery piece, and I certainly fell in love with the crown ring.Personally, I love it the most in gold with diamonds embedded in it, as shown in the picture below, however there is a wide selection of variables concerning the material, embellishments, size, and shape, which is quite common with jewellery. If you're wondering about the prices of these beautiful crown rings, then I am afraid that I cannot give alot of specific aid, but only a bit of background knowledge about different jewellery labels. If you are willing to go all out and invest up to hundreds of pounds into a crown ring, I would advise you to browse through pandora, Monica Vinader, or Shourouk. Now, considering that since I myself am a teenager, and write mostly for teen and young adults, I doubt that many of you will be able to spend hundreds for a ring; I know I can't! But never you fear, you can most certainly still follow this trend, and indulge yourself with a new ring for up to £40 tops. Most highstreet shops ought to be selling them (and if not now, then they should soon) and in the UK this can include New Look, Topshop, Zara ect.


  1. This is a cute style of rings! I love wearing rings too, especially the ones that my mother gave me because those have sentimental value :)

    -Riley XO

    1. Isn't it just? That's absolutely lovely, Riley!