Friday, 18 April 2014

Pastle revelation

With clear blue spring skies, and pretty little flowers starting to sprout, the fashion industry once again takes inspiration from it's surroundings. 

And thank goodness for that- the pastel revelation is one which I am very excited about.
Now, those of you who read my posts religiously will know that I have previously wanted to write about the pastel revelation, though I have digressed. Now, I finally get my chance.
In the hearts of many teenage girls, and young women (including myself) have found a longing for pastel clothing and accessories deep within our hearts. But what has encouraged this revelation of the heart? Well, the media is an obvious catalyst, where in magazines, movies and celebrity idols inspire us all.
Looking at these beautiful outfits it is difficult not to fall in love! This girly girl theme, portraying innocence, is truly lovely.
But the pastel revelation doesn't just stop dead where girly girls are concerned; it is also an opportunity for slightly older women to experiment with their sweet side. With blazers booming on the highstreet, who is to say that you can't take the pastel revelation to your workplace?

Coming soon: budget haul

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