Friday, 4 April 2014

New York, New World

New York virgin: Someone who has never experienced the luscious taste of a bite of the big apple. Something that everyone who is anyone ought to experience.

It is true, sadly I am a New York virgin. However, my never seeing New York from a personal point of view has never once affected my consistent passion for NYC fashion. This fashion capital is indeed an inspiration to the whole world, and I am predicting that this season's trend is going to be all about formal wear. None of that dressing down shebang! And I for one, am happy about this trend.
From button-up shirts and dressy tight fit trousers, to formal but not over the top dresses, this spring the fashion conscious highstreeters are going to be rocking the formal look- and the best thing about this is that it is easy to personalize! With casual looks, it's all about putting on whatever's top in your closet- but now is the time to reinvent the wheel. Put your personality into your clothes and makeup, with a classy act, or go cute as candy with pastel inspired outfits, it's all about putting a bit of yourself into your outfit. 
But not only to I forecast this formal trend to inspire the looks of this season, but with fingers crossed, here's hoping that summer rolls in with even more dresses to check out.

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