Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A man cannot live on cupcakes alone...

But a woman sure can!
The brilliantly beautiful embellishments often seen on cupcakes make them almost difficult to eat; to destroy the intricate designs that must have taken hours to create. I say almost, not quite completely. A fond childhood memory of mine is decorating what we Britains call fairy cakes; smother on the icing (Or chocolate), and then messily squish on a pile of food decorations. Elaborately frosted cupcakes may be made for special occasions such as baby showers, graduations, or holidays. 
I suppose that in their own way, cupcakes are making a statemement. The happy hipster holds it in her hands, and with a cute smile and fashionably over-sized glasses, another picture is uploaded onto tumblr.
But cupcakes are certainly not just for hipsters; anyone can buy (or make) these delightful dessert pieces. Many variations make it easy to alter cupcakes into individual 'designs'. And it's not as if they're expensive to buy, or difficult to produce yourself!

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